All books: 927


N° catalog: 691
Year: 1963

Tip and Run

N° catalog: 345
Year: 2007

To the Finland Station

N° catalog: 709
Year: 1972

Toledo... Its Arts and ... Its History!

N° catalog: 135
Year: 2008

Toponímia de Tavira

N° catalog: 159
Year: 2000

Torre De Belem National Monuments of Portugal

N° catalog: 279
Year: 2005

Tournament of Shadows: The Great Game and the Race for Empire in Central Asia

N° catalog: 714
Year: 1999

Trade and Dominion: The European Oversea Empires in the Eighteenth Century

N° catalog: 515
Year: 2000

Traditional Buildings of Britain: Introduction to Vernacular Architecture

N° catalog: 926
Year: 1992

Trafalgar (British Battles Series)

N° catalog: 317
Year: 1966

Traje do Algarve - Orla Marítima

N° catalog: 70
Year: 2001

Travels In the Interior of Africa

N° catalog: 842
Year: 1984

Travels in the Interior of Africa

N° catalog: 854
Year: 2002

Tudor England

N° catalog: 448
Year: 1950

Twentieth Century Portugal (A Historical Overview)

N° catalog: 189
Year: 2008

Two Eggs On My Plate

N° catalog: 412
Year: 1954

Um percurso pela pintura portuguesa - Colecção Telo de Morais

N° catalog: 153
Year: 2011

Unbroken: Story of a Submarine

N° catalog: 402
Year: 1975

Under the Molehill: An Elizabethan Spy Story

N° catalog: 456
Year: 2001

Underground from Posen

N° catalog: 488
Year: 1954