All books: 927

The Somme

N° catalog: 378
Year: 1966

The Spanish Civil War

N° catalog: 773
Year: 1963

The Spanish Holocaust: Inquisition and Extermination in Twentieth-Century Spain

N° catalog: 784
Year: 2013

The Spanish Labyrinth: An account of the social and political background of the Spanish civil war

N° catalog: 776
Year: 1960

The Spanish Ulcer - A History of the Peninsular War

N° catalog: 42
Year: 1986

The Speedwell Voyage: A Tale of Pirzcy and Mutiny in the 18th Century

N° catalog: 794
Year: 2000

The Spice Route

N° catalog: 828
Year: 2005

The Story of Africa

N° catalog: 909
Year: 1984

The Strange Story of Adolph Beck

N° catalog: 544
Year: 1999

The Stuart Age: England 1603-1714

N° catalog: 542
Year: 1994

The Thin Yellow Line (Wordsworth Military Library)

N° catalog: 352
Year: 1999

The Thirty Years War

N° catalog: 321
Year: 1964

The Three Roosevelts: Patrician leaders who transformed America

N° catalog: 889
Year: 2001

The Times Atlas of European History

N° catalog: 292
Year: 1994

The Times Illustrated History of the World

N° catalog: 291
Year: 1995

The Trial of Charles I

N° catalog: 574
Year: 1966

The Turn of the Tide 1939-1943

N° catalog: 323
Year: 1958

The Twelve Caesars

N° catalog: 706
Year: 1964

The Unfinished Revolution: Russia 1917-67

N° catalog: 748
Year: 1967

The Unification of Italy, 1815-70

N° catalog: 694
Year: 1989