The 2020 Algarve History Association Quiz for the Covid-19 Moratorium

1. How long has the AHA been in existence?
Twelve years (since January 2008)

2. How many talks in total has AHA given in Lagoa?

3. How many in total has AHA given in Tavira?

4. How many talks in total has Peter Booker given during this time?

5. How many different guest speakers have spoken for us?

6. How many different talks have we usually hosted in a year, on average? 

7. Which talk has been the most popular on every occasion it has been given?
The Great Earthquake in the Algarve

8. Which talk holds the record for being the least popular?
History of Portuguese Music by Virgínio Melo

9. In what year did we become a legally recognised Association?

10. How many newsletters have we published since we became a legally recognised Association?

11. Who manages our talks in Lagoa? and in Tavira?
Jackie Billings, Lynne Booker

12. Who is the AHA webmaster?
Chris Englefield

13. How many different people have contributed to the articles on our website?

14. Which website article was referred to in an edition of O Público?
The Raid of the Earl of Essex on Faro, when he stole the Bishop´s Library

15. How many addresses are on the AHA mailing list?

16. How many of Lynne´s articles have been published in Algarve Resident, Algarve Daily News and Goodlife?

17. Over the seven years of the bridge club, roughly how many people have attended at least one session?

18 How many different venues has the bridge club used in those seven years?

19. How many guided walks has Peter organised in Tavira?
Three, on 27 occasions

20. How many classical music concerts have been sponsored by AHA?

21. How many jazz concerts have we hosted?

22. Which charities/organisations have we donated money to? 
Conservatório Regional de Faro; APEJECM; Refood; Safe Communities; APA; APAA; APAV; Miau Cabanas; Diesel Maiden; Cineclube de Tavira; Madrugada; Cruz Vermelha; Nª Srª da Conceição, Portimão