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Algarve e Algarvios

Year: 2010

Aljubarrota 1385 A Batalha Real

Year: 2003

Aljubarrota 1385 A Batalha Real

Year: 2003

All Quiet on the Home Front: An Oral History of Life in Britain during the First World War

Year: 2003

All the President's Men

Year: 1974

América - 27 maravilhas de origem portuguesa no mundo

Year: 2009

America's Longest War: the United States and Vietnam 1950-1975

Year: 1986

An Embassy to China

Year: 2004

An Illustrated Journey Round the World

Year: 2007

Anais do Município de Faro Vol. XXVI

Year: 1996

Ancient Lives: The Story of the Pharaoh's Tombmakers

Year: 1984

Anglo-Saxon England (Oxford History of England)

Year: 1971

Antas de Elvas - Roteiros da Arqueologia Portuguesa

Year: 2000

Antigos Conventos do Algarve - Um percurso pelo património da região

Year: 2006

Antislavery origins of the civil war in the United States

Year: 1959

António de Oliveira Salazar - o outro retrato

Year: 2007

Apelidos Portugueses com Histórias

Year: 2010

Archaeological remains in Cachopo

Archaeological remains in Cachopo

As principais datas da História de Portugal

Year: 1993