Quiz no 1. The early Twentieth Century

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1. Which town in the Algarve was the national centre of cork production at the beginning of the twentieth century? Why did this town lose this prominence? (2)

2. In what year did the railway connection to VRSA open? When the first train arrived, the stationmaster greeted it in an old-fashioned way. How? (2)

3. At the beginning of the 1900s there were two major employers in the canning industry in the Algarve. Who were they, and where were most of their factories? (4)

4. On 4th October, 1910, the NRP Adamastor shelled the royal Necessidades Palace. A future President of the Republic was an officer on this ship. Who was he? And in which town was he born? Why is the name Adamastor significant? (3)

5. Which Algarvian businessman was selected by the Provisional Government to in 1910 be Ambassador to Great Britain? He never married the mother of his children, Belmira das Neves; how old was she when they began to live together? (2)

6. In what year did the first motor race take place in Portugal? Where was the start, and where was the finish? (3)

7. Who was the dictator who took power under D Carlos 1 in 1907? (1)

8. On what date was the king assassinated? Two of his assassins were shot down at the scene. Who were they, and what organisation did they belong to? (4)

9. The 1910 Revolution took place during a state visit to Portugal. Who was the visitor? From where did he witness the fighting? (2)

10. When D Manuel II left Portugal for the last time on 5 October, 1910, where did he embark, and where did his boat first make landfall? (2)


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