Madeleine Albright. Madame Secretary: A Memoir

Review by Lynne Booker


Written with Bill Woodward, this fascinating memoir (it is really an autobiography) tells how a native Czech became the first woman Secretary of State in the US (after which she was invited by Václav Havel to succeed him as President of the new Czech Republic!) . Madeleine Albright was Secretary of State for four years from 1997, working for President Clinton. Madeleine brings to bear all her qualities of candour, humour and psycholgical insight in the story of her life amongst the world´s most powerful politicians. In her role, she travelled some millions of miles. She was untiring in her work as educator, diplomat and mother and it is a privilege and inspiration to read her story. Just think what progress the world could make if all women were judged on merit as she was and not by their gender as so many are.