All books: 927

Documents concerning German-Polish relations

N° catalog: 929
Year: 1939

Douglas Haig. The Educated Soldier.

N° catalog: 351
Year: 2005

Edward II: The Pliant King

N° catalog: 560
Year: 1971

Edward the Seventh: The Peacemaker

N° catalog: 440
Year: 1975

Eisenhower: Allied Supreme Commander

N° catalog: 892
Year: 2004

Eleanor of Aquitaine: By the Wrath of God, Queen of England

N° catalog: 558
Year: 2000

Elizabeth the Great

N° catalog: 429
Year: 1958

Empire Adrift: The Portuguese Court in Rio de Janeiro 1808-1821

N° catalog: 236
Year: 2005

Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World

N° catalog: 531
Year: 2004

Empires of the Monsoon: A History of the Indian Ocean and its Invaders

N° catalog: 875
Year: 1996

Empires of the Word: A Language History of the World

N° catalog: 623
Year: 2006

Enemies within: Papua New Guinea, Australia, and the Sandline Crisis: the inside story

N° catalog: 814
Year: 1999

Engineering In the Ancient World

N° catalog: 834
Year: 1997

England 1870-1914 (The Oxford History of England)

N° catalog: 567
Year: 1988

England in the Seventeenth Century 1603-1714

N° catalog: 528
Year: 1954

England in the Twentieth Century : 1914-79

N° catalog: 524
Year: 1981

England's Last War Against France: Fighting Vichy 1940- 1942

N° catalog: 679
Year: 2009

English History, 1914-1945 (Oxford History of England)

N° catalog: 565
Year: 1978

English Wayfaring Life in the Middle Ages

N° catalog: 521
Year: 1961

Ensign in Italy: A Platoon Commander's story

N° catalog: 381
Year: 1992