Algarve (and Alentejo) Picture Quiz May 2020

1. Where is this monument? Whom does it commemorate and why? When was it inaugurated?



2. This little church was beautified by Policarpo de Oliveira Bernardes. What did he do to the church, and why is it unusual?



3. Where is this monument? Who inaugurated it, and on what occasion?



4. What is the name of this fortress, and where is it? What is the word for the sentry boxes in Portuguese, and what is unusual about the sentry boxes here?



5. This small church is very old, built perhaps by the Templars. Where is it, what is its name, and who was the most famous person who used it as an oratory?



6 The Fortaleza de Sagres originated with Henry the Navigator just before 1460. How much of the current building would he recognise?



7. Where are these twin forts? One above the beach, and the other on the island? When were they built, and why? Hint: this is the Alentejo question.7a 7b


8. This cathedral was begun in the year that the Algarve became definitively Portuguese. What year was that? Which city is this church in? Which Portuguese king was buried here? When did the bishopric move to Faro?



9. The Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora do Rosário was founded in 1698 in what Algarvian town? Attached to the church, and immediately behind the high altar is a strange chapel. To whom is it dedicated? The church witnessed an historic moment on 16th June 1808. What was it?



10. What is this building? Who built it, and when? What is it now? What does the wording over the main door mean?



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