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Fake Objects (Lagoa)
Tuesday 17 October 2017, 06:00pm
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A talk by Regina Shrimpton

Regina (Reh-jee-nah) was born in Brazil, did her B.A. in Liberal Arts (Writing) at Norwich University (USA), and her M.A. in Culture and Arts (Monotypes) at the University of the Algarve. She’s lived in six countries and enjoyed the art classes she took and all the books she read in each one. She threw parties at her home; one day she maxed at 163 guests. She throws fewer parties these days, but her children have moved as far away as possible from her. In this presentation, Regina explores her interests in the sacred and the profane: separately, holy relics, Constantine the Great, and wine might not have much in common, but when there’s a fake relic, a fake decree, and lots of fake wine, it might turn into an adventure of discovery.

Location Municipal Library Lagoa